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This is a List of Bands/Musicians

List is not in order of Performance

Performance times and amount of time from the artiest can change due to filming of the TV Show.

Dead Larry.jpg

Dead Larry’s powerful blend of high energy rock, dance and funk shakes the foundation of modern music. From rock driven sea shanties to pulsating dance beats. From Beatle-esque harmonies to spine chilling screams. From shake-yo-booty funk jams to orchestral themes of space and time travel. Dead Larry is one thing: Original. The band was formed in a basement in high school, and after over a decade of writing, touring, and chasing the dream Dead Larry has a grown to be one of the most prominent independent rock bands coming out of the Midwest.

John Wa.jpg

Jon and Wes of Jon Wayne and the pain are bringing you a new project. This will be sticking more to the reggae and singer/songwriter style that old school JWP fans have been digging since 2007. New album will be dropping at Shangri La festival!

More to Be   announced..........

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