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Rule 1: This is a TV show experience things will change around the show needs verse a Festival Experience.  You are participating in a a Live Televised Event.

Rule 2: 21+ event

Rule 3: No Smoking inside the Venue or Bus

Rule 4: No re entry unless VIP

Rule 5: If you are eating at a High Top when you are done let others use the table.  GA does not have assigned tables

Rule 6: COVID Guide lines do apply.  There will be Marks 6 feet apart so people can have their space.

Rule 7:  There is no assigned spots for GA.  If you Bring a Blanket anything larger then 4' in length must have no less then 4 people  to that spot.  No larger then 10' by 3' of area for groups.

Rule 8: Enjoy and have fun!!!!

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